About Twin Creeks Ranch

Longhorns, Wildlife & Timber in the Heart of the Sam Houston National Forest

Purchased as timber property in 2001, Twin Creeks Ranch has evolved into a vibrant family ranch with its share of show, rescue and ranch horses, friendly donkeys and of course, our celebrated Texas Longhorns!  With the exception of the pastures and roads we've built, our ranch is covered in Lob Lolly pine plantations and natural forests with huge oak and magnolia trees.  
We manage the pine plantations with the assistance of a professional forester to ensure that we are good stewards of the land. Wildlife is also a priority for us. Texas Parks and Wildlife periodically evaluates the ranch as a habitat to determine if we are maintaining a healthy deer population.

Together with Ranch Manager Wade Martinez and his wife Lauren, we purchased a small initial herd of longhorns in 2012. Through breeding and other purchases, our herd has grown significantly. Our pasture herd sires are of out industry-proven bulls: Cowboy Chex son: MK Chex Mate by x LAR Maxine, and JP Rio Grande son Rio Silhouette Chex, out of all black Midnight Darlin' RCC. 

At TCR, we like to blend the proven genetics of some of the most famous Texas Longhorns with up-and-coming sires and dams. Using mostly natural pasture breeding, with a dash of AI, we strive to produce big-bodied cattle with good color, solid conformation and attractive horns.  Our cows freely graze in the pastures and forests of our ranch. Some enjoy a head-scratch and will eat cubes by hand, while others prefer us to drop cubes on the ground for them, and all have free-choice mineral tubs to supplement their nutrition throughout the year. Calves are given specialized feed when they are being weaned to help them transition from mother's milk to grass. The steers is our beef program are solely grass-fed and finished, receiving no antibiotics or growth hormones. 

We love our gentle longhorns and from time to time participate in shows, futurities and auctions, but what began as a way to manage the 93% bull-calf season we had a few years ago has blossomed into a full-fledged grass-fed beef business.  Grass-fed longhorn beef is among the healthiest meat you can eat; it is naturally low in fat, full of flavor, anti-oxidants and essential Omega oils. Our beef is available in a variety of avenues:  farmers market, home delivery, shipping within Texas and a few restaurants.  For more details, check out the grass-fed beef info page.

~ John & Darlynn Lydick

Twin Creeks Ranch is in Willis, TX, just north of Conroe, off I45.

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