Grass-fed Longhorn Beef

AT TWIN CREEKS RANCH, our USDA and Texas-Certified beef comes from grass-fed, grass-finished, pure Texas Longhorn cattle. Longhorns are naturally lean and the cattle in our beef program are never given steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics making our beef all-natural, full of flavor and good for you!

Delicious and Nutritious:

Besides being flavorful and lean, longhorn beef has less saturated fat, cholesterol and calories than other meat, including white meat. Studies have shown that eating lean beef can increase the 'good' cholesterol and reduce the 'bad' cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels. Longhorn beef is a good source of protein, zinc, Vitamin B12, Omega oils, iron and selenium, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cuts and Prices:

We have carefully considered the leanness of grass-fed beef and offer the cuts that we have had success with. Additionally, since grass-fed longhorn beef cooks 30-50% faster than grain-fed beef, we offer cooking tips for each cut for our customers.  Our prices are competitive with other grass-fed longhorn beef providers and with stores like Whole Foods, plus we offer unique cuts sometimes difficult to find, like marrow bones, trip-tip roasts, tongue and osso buco.

Tenderloin: $25/lb.; usually 3-4 lbs.; very tender; a special cut!
Ribeye Steaks: $22/lb.; 2 per pack weighs 1-1.25 lbs, boneless.
Strip Steaks:  $21/lb.; 2 per pack weighs 1-1.25 lbs, boneless. 
Skirt/Flank Steaks: $12/lb.; weighs 1-1.75 lbs.; perfect for fajitas.
Ground: $8.25; 1 lb. packs; makes a fantastic burger!
Tenderized Cutlets: $10/lb.; 4 per pack weighs 1.25-1.50 lbs. Good for chicken-fried steak or fajitas.
Tri-Tip Roast:  $13/lb.; 3-3.5 lbs; uncommon cut, but a great roast!
Pike's Peak Roast: $10/lb.; 3-3.5 lbs.; also known as Heel of Round.
Marrow Bones: $5/lb; 3 lb bags; good for roasting or making bone broth.
Osso Buco: $6.50/lb; also known as a shank cut.
Liver/Tongue: $8/lb. Oh, the memories, seems like everyone's grandmother makes these.
Dog Bones: $10/3 lbs.; a Farmers Market favorite!

Where to Get it:

Pickup: Our beef is available for pickup in Houston, Fort Worth and at the ranch in Willis by appointment.

Delivery: Local delivery is available for 77024, 77042, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77077, 77079, 77096.  Minimum $75 order; $50 for 77079 (my neighbors!).
Shipping: We ship anywhere in Texas and it costs about $15 for 5 lbs.  You may call Darlynn for estimates 713-249-3006.  
Farmers Markets: All our cuts are available 9am-1pm every Saturday at two Houston markets.  For popular cuts or something special, it's best to reserve by calling/texting ahead by Friday, Darlynn 713-249-3006.

Meyerland Farmers Market (in Bellaire):  8601 Chimney Rock Drive (Pilgrim Lutheran Church) 

Eleanora's Farmers Market (in the Heights):  2120 Ella Boulevard (Cavatore Italian Restaurant)

The Hobbit Cafe: Locally-loved eatery since 1972, The Hobbit Cafe offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches and vegetarian fare.  Something for everybody! Located at 2243 Richmond Avenue in Houston.

The Red Brick Tavern: In Old Town Conroe, the Red Brick Tavern (119 Simonton Street, Conroe) uses our ground longhorn beef for their burgers and other items on the menu.  It has a cool vibe and live music several times each week.

It's a Gift:

Our 5-lb. box of longhorn ground beef makes a unique gift; each pound comes in a reusable cotton bag with our ranch brand. We can pack it up in an insulated shipping box with ice packs and ship anywhere in Texas for $15. You can add a beautiful 8 x 10 photograph of one of our iconic longhorns giving your recipients two ways to enjoy our Texas Longhorns. Other cuts can be shipped, just email or call Darlynn, 713-249-3006.